Stella Prototype

Stella Prototype #

Pixel pitch6 mm
Number of modules18
Module size500×500×82 mm
Module resolution80×80 px
Module weight9 kg
Module power250 W
Receiver cardsNovastar MRV500

Details #

This is a one-off prototype made to evaluate a manufacturer for the digiLED “Stella” series of screens (if I remember correctly). It consists of 18 modules which can form a 480×240 px screen, or any other arrangement of 18 modules. Power input is powerCON (original).

Total power consumption is in the region of 4.5 kW at full brightness so it can be powered from 2x 13A sockets.

This screen is stored at Limehouse Labs and is working with our Novastar sender.

It lives in 3 small flight cases (940x600x750mm, ~70 kg each). Needs at least a small van to move.

Photos #